Most Book Accurate Character Portrayals in the Movie Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise continues to be one of the most relevant franchises in entertainment. Harry Potter brings an undeniable nostalgia and a world of magic almost unmatched by any other franchise. From merchandising and themed experiences to story lore and show revivals, Harry Potter, especially the eight main films, never seems to leave the limelight. Keeping the audience invested in the characters and their plots, for as long as the Harry Potter franchise has done, cannot be an easy task. Much of the success of this franchise as a whole is based largely on the actors who brought the characters to life on the screen.

Part of the magic of the wizarding world comes from the characters we liked on the page. Their plots, their character development and their charm have given us something to root for and hold on to throughout the adventure of the seven books. For the Harry Potter films, there are actors who really brought their characters to life, portraying them in a way that breathed new life into them while honoring and remaining faithful to their most cherished traits in the books. Here is our list of the most faithful character representations to the book of the Harry Potter film franchise.

Harry Potter at School

Harry Potter, although the main character of the entire franchise, is easily one of the most underrated. The chosen one is played by Daniel Radcliffe, and we can safely say that we cannot see anyone else in the role. Radcliffe, from the age of 12, took on the role of Harry Potter and absolutely nailed it. He was optimistic, charismatic, intelligent and full of humility and life. Radcliffe managed to take all the triumphs and flaws that Harry had and grew up before our eyes. From the dark shaggy hair, the glasses and the infamous scar, Radcliffe’s Harry Potter looked and felt like it had jumped straight from the pages.

Remus Lupin

Professor R. J. Lupin is one of the most beloved characters both in the movies and in their sources. Played by David Thewlis, Lupin is one of the Marauders, Hogwarts’ best defense teacher Against the Forces of Evil, a werewolf and one of Harry’s most valuable allies. Thewlis takes Lupine as a second skin. Lupin is calm, collected, smart villain and always loyal to Harry — even to the family. Thewlis in the role of Remus Lupin offers the same comfort and the same security as in the novels and this deserves applause.

Dolores Shading

Not everyone on this list can be a good guy, can they? Villains and antagonists are just as important to a story as the protagonists. In this case, Dolores Ombrage, one of the most formidable villains of the Harry Potter franchise, is perfectly represented from the books to the movies. Not exactly a Death Eater (but just as bad in our opinion), Ombrage takes over Hogwarts and tortures the children under the cloak of “discipline.”Ombrage is played by Imelda Staunton. Staunton is a strong and dynamic actor who had the unbearable pompous attitude and the Shading superiority complex to such an extent that even his cheerful external appearance does not seem to be able to mask the ugly heart of the character.

Dominic D. Bowman

Dominic D. Bowman

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