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The fastest living man has finally arrived this year with his own movie The Flash. After almost a decade of setbacks, delays and controversies, the film was not received as warmly as Warner Bros. would have liked, because although the anticipation for the return of Barry Allen (the controversial Ezra Miller), the popular speedster, was high also known as The Flash, the film of the same name, which was built before the release as “the greatest comic book movie of all time”, opened with disastrous results and even gave last year’s Black Adam a run for his non-existent money.

Even if The Flash fulfills its role as a harbinger of James Gunn’s rebooted DC Cinematic Universe, perfectly staging the new DCU and more, it seems that Barry Allen did not manage to create a sequel for himself, although the film obviously leaves open a lot of big things that need to be picked up in another film.

How did Kara get into prison?

In search of Superman, Bruce and the Barrys (this sounds like a great jazz band), they learn about a kryptonian capsule in Siberia under the control of the Russians. The band saves the Kryptonian inside, but instead of freeing the famous superman Kal-El, they find his cousin Kara Zor-El (Sasha Calle).

We learn that Kara was originally sent to stasis to protect the child Kal, who was the key to rejuvenating the sterile Kryptonian race. However, she was intercepted by Zod, who took and killed Kal, leaving Kara for dead. However, it was never addressed how Kara was imprisoned by Russians and how they managed to control her.

How do Barry’s powers work?

Before meeting Alt-Bruce, Barry – who still mistakenly believes that he can keep the timeline – helps his younger self gain his powers to keep things as similar to his time as possible, but somehow the older Barry loses his powers when the younger one gets his.

Having met Kara, Bruce does not manage to recreate the event in order to return his powers to Barry. However, Kara flies Barry into a storm, so he is struck by lightning and simply regains his powers.

There is no explanation as to why Barry loses his powers or how he regained them without the chemicals that mixed with the lightning in Barry’s original accident. How Barry’s powers work is unclear and will probably never be clarified for us.

What does Clooney’s Batman want?

After the crazy time travel and dimension change battle of the Barrys, Bruce and Kara against Zod, our Barry returns home after setting the timeline to find that it is not really set. Barry removed the tomato can and left his mother to die, but shifted the evidence so that his father could escape prison.

Despite small changes like this completely breaking the timeline to the beginning of the events of the film, Barry felt that this change would, hopefully, lead to a future with his father still in his life, even though his mother would be gone. Of course, this was not the case, and the last scene of the film lets us know how significant a change Barry actually made with his move to the grocery store was.

Towards the end of the film, at the trial of his father, Barry sees his rich, crazy mentor get out of a limousine, but sees a brand new face that he has never seen on Bruce Wayne (George Clooney), who apparently knows Barry very well and asks him for a favor before the credits start rolling. This is a throwback to Clooney’s run as the Caped Crusader that led to one of the worst-received Batman movies of all time, Batman & Robin.

Dominic D. Bowman

Dominic D. Bowman

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