Exclusion of Fan Favorite Song in Superman Confirms

Superman: Legacy promises to delve into Superman’s journey, as he navigates the delicate balance between his alien heritage from the planet Krypton and his humble upbringing in the small town of Smallville. The official synopsis paints the picture of a character embodying the virtues of truth, justice and the American way, relying on human kindness to guide him in a world that often neglects qualities such as outdated. With this narrative, the film aims to offer the audience a captivating exploration of Superman’s personal growth and inner conflicts, as he strives to reconcile the contrasting aspects of his identity and have a lasting impact on the world.

Recently, James Gunn turned to BlueSky Social (Via ComicBook) to respond to a recurring fan request that followed him from his previous work on Guardians of the Galaxy to his involvement in Superman: Legacy. Fans had constantly expressed their desire to include David Bowie’s hit song, “Starman”, in the next film. Gunn’s response, however, revealed that the song would not find its place in Superman: Legacy. The message reads as follows:

Superman: Legacy Introduces new stars for Clark Kent and Lois Lane

Superman: Legacy has found its main actors. David Corenswet, known for his performances in Netflix series like The Politician and House of Cards, was cast as Clark Kent. At her side, Rachel Brosnahan, acclaimed for her work on the Prime Video series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, was chosen to play the feisty journalist Lois Lane, Clark Kent’s lover. Superman: Legacy will offer a new perspective on the superhero without delving into the well-known origin story that fans have come to know. Director James Gunn has expressed his intention to explore new adventures and develop his character rather than return to familiar terrain. While the film may include occasional flashbacks of a young Clark Kent, Gunn stressed that the origin story won’t be the main focus.

Under Gunn’s creative direction, DC Studios has unveiled a list of upcoming projects. From Superman: Legacy to The Authority through The Brave and the Daring, each promises to offer a new vision of the characters. Other projects include Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, a reboot of Swamp Thing, Paradise Lost—a prequel series delving into the origins of Wonder Woman—and Creature Commandos, an animated series. In addition, fans can look forward to a series centered on Amanda Waller, a Green Lantern series titled Lanterns and a Booster Gold series.

In an interview with the newspaper El País, Gunn emphasized his commitment to offering fresh and interesting narratives that break with the stereotypical patterns often criticized in other superhero franchises. Gunn’s approach focuses on manually selecting directors and writers to infuse DCU with their unique perspectives and narrative prowess. In doing so, he aims to create a cinematic universe that captivates the audience and avoids falling into the trap of producing repetitive content that fails to surprise or engage. He said:

Superman: Legacy: James Gunn Must Avoid This Big Mistake With His Adaptation

We have a new Superman! Actor David Corenswet has been announced as the main role in the upcoming Superman: The Legacy. This film will be the first big DCU film under the direction of James Gunn and is being greeted with a little anticipation.

That being said, Superman has been done before. It was done well, and it was done… well… and it’s time for us to really get into what James Gunn needs to do to avoid the pitfalls and make a great Superman movie.

What James Gunn Promised

James Gunn has said quite a few promising things about his version of Superman. “Superman represents truth, justice and the American way. He is kind in a world that considers kindness old-fashioned [and] he is a farm boy from Kansas who is very idealistic. His greatest weakness is that he will never kill anyone, [and] does not want to hurt a living soul. And I like that kind of innate goodness in Superman as his defining characteristic.”

These statements are completely consistent with the number of people who see the most famous character of DCs. However, this is not how the previous DCEU portrayed it. In Zack Snyder’s version, Superman was unhappy, angry and even killed someone. This dark version was interesting to some, but a full 180 of the brightest and brightest example that people like so much.

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